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Perfect for emergency roadside repair the Oxford Cable Repair Kit provides a solderless solution to temporarily fixing broken cables, enabling you to make it home or to a workshop where a permanent solution can be obtained. Great for adventure riders and road touring where you can often find yourself far from civilisation. All contents are supplied in an aluminium storage tin that can easily be stored under-seat or in your backpack.

  • Used for the temporary repair of broken cables
  • Includes 2 coils of cable and various solderless nipples
  • Supplied in a handy aluminium storage tin


  • Solderless nipples
    • 5mm diameter x 8mm
    • 7mm diameter x 11mm
    • 8mm diameter x 12mm
    • 8mm diameter x 13mm
    • 8mm diameter x 14mm with sleeve & nut
    • 10mm diameter x 20mm
  • Nipples
    • 7.8mm diameter x 9mm horizontal barrel nipple for 1.5mm cable
    • 7.8mm diameter x 15mm shouldered horizontal nipple for 1.5mm cable
    • 3.5mm-6mm brass steed sleeve nipple for 1.1mm cable
  • Bowden Cables
    • 1.6M x 1.5mm with 3.5mm-6mm stepped nipple on one end
    • 1.6M x 1.1mm with 3mm nipple on one end