Oxford EVO HotGrips® Sports - V9 Thermister Switch


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Oxford Hot Grips are the perfect accessory for maintaining warm hands all year round, perfect for using your summer gloves throughout winter or providing some additional warmth in summer. Oxford's new EVO Hot Grips include the all-new Thermistor controller, providing a clean and easy-to-read display with an upgraded 6-core over-moulded entry for additional strength and durability. Waterproof screw connectors are IP67 rated while a new wiring layout provides consistent heating throughout the grip. The Hot Grips have 5 heat levels ranging from 35°C to 45°C, allowing you to dial in the perfect temperature for every condition and setup. All Oxford Hot Grips have a battery-saving mode that automatically turns off the grips if you forget to, preventing permanent battery damage.


  • Grip length can be trimmed if required.
  • Intelligent Thermistor heat controller included.
  • 5 heat settings give the perfect operating temperature.
  • Battery saving mode prevents permanent battery damage.
  • Sealed for life double bonded rainproof switch that draws under 4A.
  • Soft, ultra-grippy diamond tread is inspired by race grips for comfort and feedback.
  • 123mm grip length can be cleanly cut down to 114mm.


Oxford recommends plugging in and heating the Hot Grips BEFORE installation. This allows the grips to fit over the throttle tube more easily.

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