Oxford Mint Helmet Care Kit XL


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The essential universal Helmet Care Kit in XL, containing Mint cleaning and anti-fog treatments which are easy to use and result in a high-quality finish.

The perfect gift for any bike lover.

Kit Contains:

  • Mint Helmet Sanitiser, 200ml
    The formulation in Mint Helmet Sanitiser is specifically designed to clean and safely sanitise the interior fabric of your helmet so that you have a fresher experience every time to put it on. It can also be used on boots, gloves and other clothing items that are worn for extended periods. Refreshes and sanitises in one operation.
  • Mint Helmet Visor Cleaner, 250ml
    A unique formulation specifically designed to clean helmets and visors without streaking. When applied with a microfibre cloth this product leaves no residue and a smear-free surface even in direct sunlight.
  • Mint Anti-fog Spray, 250ml
    A specially developed, easy-to-use anti-fog fluid for visors and goggle lenses. This formulation provides a natural streak-free lustre in seconds with no sticky residue.
  • Microfibre Cloth, 30x30cm
    Soft microfibre cloth, ideal for applying the products in the Helmet Care Kit.

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