Oxford EVO HotGrips® Adventure - V9 Thermister Switch


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HotGrips™ were already the result of a good thirty years of striving for warm hands in the worst conditions. These 'Evo' models add another dimension with their built-in thermostat, and they remember this when you connect them to your contact.

OXFORD HotGrips™ Evo also comes in three versions: Sports, Touring and Adventure. Each focuses on specific steering behavior. Hands and fingers are perhaps the most noticeable thing on a motorcycle in harsh conditions. However, you need them in good condition in order to reach your destination safely and comfortably.

These OXFORD HotGrips™ Evo Adventure get five pre-programmed temperature settings - so far so normal - and an 'intelligent heat setting memory'. The latter ensures that your new ride starts with the same temperature setting as your last ride ended with. Attention: for this memory to work the grips need to be connected to the engine contact. Not just to the battery. It takes a little extra care and knowledge when installing.

The built-in thermostat assume the temperature you want, between 35 and 45 degrees, and they adjust. Regardless of the outside temperature, regardless of whether you're on a plastic or metal surface, regardless of whether the throttle is on or off, they'll reach the requested temperature and hold it along the way by regulating their power consumption.

In addition to being nice and warm, the Adventure grips feature ergonomic surfaces made up of different textures. Comfort, feel, grip and control all feature, which is never an unnecessary luxury on an adventure-oriented motorcycle. Abrasion resistance and a good vibration-absorbing overall make these grips a more than good option on any adventure. One handle is 132mm long, with an open end to allow for the placement of handlebar weights or handguards. That length is easily trimmed, to 122mm, should you wish. Power consumption is less than 4A per pair.

Clear control and monitoring of the heat is possible at all times, thanks to a weatherproof controller (+ and -) that mounts to your handlebars. This will tell you at a glance which of the five settings you are using. If, after stopping - in the rush to find some welcome warmth - you forget to turn everything off, the HotGrips™ Evo does it for you, thanks to the 'Battery Saving Mode'. There's no need to fit an extra relay either, as the heated grips only switch themselves on when there's enough power and energy to do so. In practice: when the engine is running.

The assembly and installation of the HotGrips™ Evo is relatively easy. Only the inclusion of the contact in the circuit can be a challenge, but then install the smoothly sliding grips and you're basically on your way. Everything you need - including the metal base for the controller - is included.

It goes without saying that you should read through the instruction booklet first, and that heated grips don't mean you can ride without gloves.

Dimensions of controller

  • Width: 5 cm
  • Height: 4.7 cm
  • Thickness: 1.5 cm

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