Oxford Oximiser 900 Battery Management System Charger


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Oximiser 900 can be left permanently connected to provide guaranteed long- term battery care. Suitable for all 12v battery types up to 30Ah, including gel, maintenance-free and acid batteries. Heavily discharged batteries as low as 4.1V can be charged if the battery is not damaged.

6-Stage Battery Management System:

  • Polarity checks: checks the battery leads have been connected correctly.
  • Battery Analysis: Assesses battery and determines the best charging method.
  • Bulk Fast Change: Charges at a fast rate to bring the battery to approximately 85% capacity.
  • Absorption Charge: Lowers the charge rate and gives a topping charge to ensure the battery is charged to 100%.
  • Voltage charge: Hourly voltage checks assess battery health.
  • Maintain Mode: Applies appropriate charge if the voltage drops outside acceptable limits.


  • Suitable for most 12V batteries.
  • Compatible with Gel, MF and acid batteries.
  • Charges battery at up to 900mA/hour.
  • Note: Not Lithium Compatible.

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