Oxford Beast Floor Lock Adaptor


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Some say that size doesn't matter. When it comes to locks, chains, and anchors it matters! The Oxford BEAST is so big it comes with a health warning on the box: WARNING - HEAVY!

With the Beast Lock and Chain being so big and strong you need something beastly to anchor it down.

Already own a Beast Lock? Convert it to a Beast Floor Lock with the Beast Floor Lock Adaptor.

The Beast has achieved a Sold Secure DIAMOND rating, ensuring it is able to withstand forceful and sustained attacks. To be awarded a DIAMOND is no small feat. The Beast has passed attack tests from a huge range of tools, commonly used by thieves, pliers bolt croppers, drills, and most impressively a 90-second angle grinder attack.

Key Features
• Resists all forms of mechanical attack including angle grinders
• Extra strong bolt-down anchor
• Sold Secure Motorcycle DIAMOND approved

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