Oxford Mint Glue & Sealant Remover 200ml


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This fast-acting, non-aggressive formulation is perfect for removing rim tape glue, sealant or glue residue from your bike. It ensures fast, safe and thorough cleaning and leaves no streaks behind.

The spray aerosol makes it super easy to dispense directly onto the affected surfaces.

Cleaning power your pride and joy deserves.


  • Suitable on painted surfaces, rubber, and plastics.
  • Ideal for removing stubborn rim tape glue and sealant residue.
  • Perfect for removing sticker adhesive.
  • Fast-acting formulation.
  • Mint scented.
  • Not tested on animals.

Directions for Use:

  1. Shake the can well before spraying onto desired surface.
  2. Leave on for approximately 1 minute, allowing the product to penetrate.
  3. Remove with a clean lint-free cloth before drying with a clean cloth.


Always test on a small inconspicous area prior to use to ensure surface compatibility.

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