Oxford Nemesis 16mm Chain X 1.5m Gold Series


Regular price $209.90

The impressive Nemesis chain wouldn't look out of place attached to a ship's anchor, constructed from huge, 16mm Ni-Cro-Mo hardened steel round links, it is available in three lengths; 1.2m, 1.5m & 2.0m.

The links are covered with a protective and reflective material sleeve - visible so that any would-be thief will spot the Nemesis and find another target.

This chain has undergone rigorous independent testing and has Sold Secure Motorcycle GOLD approval. Insurance approved if used with an approved padlock of the same standard.

Key Features
• Reassuringly huge 16mm hardened steel shackle and links
• Reflective and protective sleeve on chain
• Long links reduce weight and increase portability

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