Oxford Barweights SS240 Stainless Steel 240g


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Handlebar vibrations can make riding a misery, causing discomfort and unnecessary fatigue on longer rides.

Decorative bar-ends do little to help; you need seriously heavy bar weights specifically designed to dial out unpleasant vibrations from your bars.

Made from CNC billet stainless steel (SS260 and SS240) or cast carbon steel (CS255), Oxford Bar Weights come with a double-damped fitting system which is provided in two sizes (12.5 and 17.5mm) to fit all common handlebar types.

  • 240g each.
  • Cast carbon steel construction.
  • Stylish gloss black design.
  • Twin-expanding TPR bungs for double damping and perfect balance.
  • Fit handlebars from 13mm-18mm internal diameter.
  • Replaceable polymer* end caps in case of damage: 2 extra replacement end caps included
  • * Made from high-density Polyoxymethylene for its strong impact and abrasion qualities.

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