Oxford Filterbuds


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When you're riding, you DON'T want to damage your hearing with the constant roar of the wind whipping under and over your helmet.

You DO however want to hear the things which make for a safe and enjoyable ride... your engine note, vehicles around you, sirens, alarms and the sounds of other people going about their business.

Regular earplugs just block out sound... ALL of it!

Using an ingenious combination of materials and construction, FilterBuds filter out the sounds you DON'T want to hear and filter in the sounds you DO want to hear.


  • Advanced precision filter earplugs.
  • Silicone free.
  • Hypoallergenic TPE construction.
  • Noise reduction - 22dB SNR.
  • Includes handy carry-case with clip attachment for attaching to a keyring.
  • Adheres to CE EN352-2:2020.
  • Note: SNR rating revised from batch PO22309/23 from SNR 23db to SNR 22dB EN352-2:2020.

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